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Our Products



mySearch is a cross-language search engine with classification capabilities, i.e. it allows finding documents not only through a keyword search but also on the basis of a domain description (context). It is linked with a machine translation tool so that a search performed in a given language (for example, English) can retrieve relevant documents in other languages (e.g. in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.)

Typical fields of application for mySearch include web mining, market analysis, etc.

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myMT is a statistical machine translation (SMT) solution built on the basis of an open source software called Moses.

Simple Shift's core area of expertise in statistical machine translation lays in the following areas:

  • Corpus preparation: Conversion, segmentation, alignment, extraction. These steps are of critical importance to the level of output quality.  
  • Front-End software: Interfaces and tools for the users and the system administrator. 
  • Hardware and Software optimization: The hardware architecture must be carefully designed if production systems are to be fast and robusts. 

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myCat is a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, currently in Beta version. It includes the following elements:

  • A bi-text aligner, which allows finding terms and expressions in full-text documents and aligning automatically the source and target versions of the reference documents.
  • A quote detector, which allows detecting all the parts of a text which were previously translated, and shows the corresponding documents in source and target versions.

Other modules will be added to myCat later on, including a terminological management tool and a translation memory tool.

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myClass is an automated classification tool. It can classify millions of electronic documents among thousands of categories. It is generally used as a machine-to-machine application (no human intervention), but may also be used with graphic user interfaces.

myClass is used for example to classify patents: this specific application, which is called IPCCAT, is publicly available here.

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