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 Our Partners

Research Partners

University of Geneva  Simple Shift's research work on knowledge representation and human-machine interfaces is lead in close collaboration with the ISI Group at the Computer Science Department (CUI) of the University of Geneva.
Please take a look at their website and their wiki.  Both sites include pages in English and in French.


The LATL (Language Technology Laboratory) is a research laboratory active in the fields of syntactic parsing, machine translation and generation, and in other topics of Computational Linguistics. Its interdisciplinary team includes about 15 members (teaching staff, Ph.D. students and researchers).


The Information Retrieval Facility (IRF) is a non-profit research institute providing services to IR science in the form of a reference laboratory. It is based in Vienna, Austria. It organizes each year a Symposium to discuss the specific challenges of patent searching and analysis and exchange ideas on potential solutions, with the objective of making the latest IR technologies available to the industry.

Business Partners


TAUS is an innovation think tank and interoperability watchdog for the translation industry.TAUS envisions translation as a standard feature, a ubiquitous service. Like the internet, electricity, and water, translation is one of the basic needs of human civilization. TAUS’ mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better. TAUS supports entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive range of events, publications and knowledge tools.
Free IT Foundation The Free IT Foundation is a not-for-profit body located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is dedicated to fostering, supporting and contributing to the development of open source technologies by providing relevant tools, structures and strategies.
, a Swiss based company, is an innovative centre of financial competencies and technical engineering focusing on operations, processes and information technology.
Answer is Simple Shift's expert partner for all solutions based on Microsoft technologies, in particular SharePoint.



Our machine translation solutions are generally based on an open source statistical machine translation software called Moses. You can see a demo of Moses here, and find detailed explanations about it here.