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Simple Shift leads research & development efforts and develops breakthrough technologies and tools, generally based on artificial intelligence, in various fields which are directly related to its area of expertise :

  • Automated alignment of unstructured text (in order to build translation memories and other automated translation tools)
  • Contextual search (based on the calculation of semantic distance with regards to previously-built contextual profiles)
  • Automated classification of electronic documents
  • High-scalability indexing (up to 5 billion words, i.e. about 18 million A4 pages indexed in 12 hours on each indexing unit)

Some Articles and Books

The First Book about Java in French !

In 1997 Jacques Guyot co-authored the first book in French about the Java programming language. This book was re-printed in 1999. It can be freely downloaded below.

Java Book

Java : de l'esprit à la méthode. Distribution d'applications sur Internet. M. Bonjour, G. Falquet, J. Guyot, A. Le Grand. Ed. Vuibert, 1999. (Note: this is a 6.5 Mb  zip file)