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Simple Shift's cross-language search tool


What is mySearch ?

mySearch is a cross-language search tool :  Any query entered in your favorite language can be extended by mySearch to several other languages so as to cover a much wider scope.

mySearch also translates back the most relevant documents into your favorite language. Thus from a search in English, you could find an extremely valuable document written in Chinese, which will be translated back into English for you.

Besides, mySearch is able to sort out your search results by relevance, whatever the language they are written into, and provides the most relevant ones on top of the result list.

Issues Solved

•    Coverage / Relevance : By covering a wide scope of languages, including fast-developing Internet languages such as Chinese and Russian, mySearch greatly enhances your ability to find the most relevant information even if it originates from unexpected locations.

•    Search Time : mySearch avoids performing the same search in another language when your initial search did not retrieve satisfying results.

mySearch – Both a Solution and a Service

mySearch is a fully-fledged Google-like search engine which can operate in standalone mode and targets both your organization’s intranet and the Internet. It can be entirely customized to your working languages and specific terminology, and it comes complete with domain filters and sponsored links.

But mySearch also comes as a service which can be set up on top of an existing search engine or CMS system. Thus if you like your current search tool but you would like it to cover several languages at once, mySearch is the solution you are looking for.

Artificial Intelligence

mySearch is based on a world-class statistical machine translation engine. On top of it, Simple Shift developed its own AI technologies to fully customize the solution and classify search results by relevance according to each organization’s languages and terminology.

Download mySearch's flyer here.