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From Artificial Intelligence to Human Languages

Simple Shift is an IT company dedicated to language engineering. We use artificial intelligence to detect patterns within human languages for various applications like cross-lingual search engines for e-discovery and web mining, automatic classification of multilingual documents, computer-assisted translation, etc.


Web Mining

The most critical information for your business might not be in English anymore. Increasingly, people have to search in more than one language to get more relevant results. mySearch in a cross-language search tool: On the basis of a query in one language (for exemple English), it extends the query to many other languages (like Chinese, Russian,Arabic, etc.), sorts out the most relevant results and translates them back into the original query language.

Simple Shift developed a cross-language search engine called mySearch.

Read more about mySearch


Creation of an Open Source Foundation

In collaboration with the Free IT Foundation, Simple Shift set up in 2012 a Foundation named OLANTO (for "Open Language Tools") to manage and maintain the myCAT and myMT applications and to develop them into a fully-fledged suite of Computer-Assisted Translation tools.

Feel free to take a look at Olanto's website!

Book Chapter on Automated Patent Classification

A book called "Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval" was published by Springer in May 2011. This book includes a chapter on automated classification (with a focus on patent classification) which was written by Dr. Jacques Guyot and Karim Benzineb.

You can click on the book above to get to the related web page on Springer's web site.


Neural Network

Automated Classification is the process of having a computer sort out large volumes of electronic documents according to a given classification which may include thousands of categories. When there are too many documents to classify them manually (e.g. in the case of patent classification or during an archiving process), a smarter solution is to train an artificial intelligence system to do the job.

Simple Shift developed an automatic classifier of documents called myClass.

Read more about myClass

An implementation of myClass in the field of patent classification can be seen here.


 Translator with CAT System

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) is translation perforrmed by human translators with the support of various tools: bi-text aligners, quotation detectors, translation memories, terminological management systems, etc.
Simple Shift deploys CAT solutions on the basis of the CAT tools which are managed by the Olanto Foundation


Computer Blades
Machine Translation (MT) is a translation entirely performed by a computer. It is fast and cheap, but it needs proof-reading, except if it is used for applications such as gisting or web mining.

Simple Shift deploys machine translation solutions on the basis of a product called myMT, which is based on the Moses open source decoder and is managed by the Olanto Foundation